A few weekends ago we went with two friends from work and their significant others to one of their family’s places down the coast about an hour and a half from Melbourne to a town called Anglesea. This is where the famous Great Ocean Road begins. We drove down Friday night after work. Saturday we had a nice and relaxing morning and Elliot made a wonderful breakfast before we headed out for our day at the beach. It turned out to be a nice and sunny day, which was good cause you need to be a bit warm to really want to get in the water here… it’s not the warmest. The boys spent a few hours with surf boards and Adam got to try his skills at surfing on really small waves. He did pretty well considering it was his first time ever with no instruction, however he has quite a ways to go if he ever plans to surf at Bells Beach. We laid on the beach, read books, surfed, and had our first ever beach cricket experience! We are still learning the basics of cricket and trying to understand all the rules based on which cricket game is being played, but we had a great time! We went into Anglesea for lunch, which is a really cute little town with lots of cafes and other shops. We found a fantastic little ice cream shop and indulged in almost Bonnie Brae quality ice cream. In the afternoon we went with Casey and Elliot and played a round of golf at the Anglesea golf course. The greatest thing about the golf course was that it was littered with kangaroos!! Literally, they were everywhere!

And yes, unfortunately one did get hit with a golf ball from the number one tee box. It looked around like it didn’t know what happened and then slowly hopped/hobbled away. Adam had a couple good shots, but one was really good, the closest he has ever been to a hole in one!

After our golfing adventure we went to out for dinner and headed back for a few intense games of Bananagram. A new favorite game among our aussie friends.

Sunday was a bit overcast and windy, so we decided to take advantage of it by taking Adam’s small kite out to the beach. It was a great day to fly it and we only had a few close encounters with some brave beach walkers and inexperienced kite fliers.

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